Spoken English

Spoken English

Course Summery

Speaking English allows you to actually broaden your world, from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country. A course in spoken English may be either in the form of ‘what to say’ or in the form of ‘how to say’. The former is usually focused on English conversation, the later on pronunciation. The former aims to teach how to express communicative functions such as asking questions, making requests, getting things done or expressing greetings, farewell, apologies, regrets, thanks, etc and the latter aims at teaching the pronunciation of words, phrases and sentences. Our classes combine the best of the two areas to ensure that the participant learns what to say with how to say.

We address the learners who know the structure of English but communicate effectively, especially while speaking. The aim is to improve the colloquial usage and pronunciation so that they may be able to communicate somewhat fluently, intelligibly and optimally.


Niniskillup constantly updates and customizes study and reference material, along with practice test papers, to ensure that we address students' specific areas of concern. A personalized report that identifies areas of weaknesses and strengths is generated to help the student identify his or her performance patterns and work in a focused manner. Our result oriented strategies enable students to increase both speed and accuracy.

Spoken English - One on one

A customized program that is designed to give you focused attention. Quicker learning, Need based course customization, High level of interaction

Spoken English - Group

A small group class with about 4-6 students with unique material created for interactions with peers for practical and productive results.

Course Features

For: Professionals, Students, Aspiring Journalists and Writers.

  • Duration : 20 Hours
  • Batches : Week Days/Week Ends
  • Course included

  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Live Interactive Sesssions
  • Worksheets


  • Flexible Hours
  • Cambridge Certified Trainers
  • One to One Sessions
  • Technology Enabled Learning
  • Dedicated Student Dashboard
  • Pan Age Curriculum